Saturday, December 5, 2009

weekly training summary -- november 30 - december 1

It is so much harder to train now that the weather is getting colder and the days are getting darker much earlier here in NYC. I'm trying to stick to a 5 days per week workout schedule (consisting of 3 - 4 runs + remainder as strength and cross training), but it is such a challenge -- especially with my crazy long work days!
  • Monday: 60 minutes elliptical + weights
  • Tuesday: 4 miles (intervals)
  • Friday: 6 miles
  • Saturday: Total body conditioning class (strength training)
  • Sunday: 18 miles (Long run pace. Weather was cold and sunny. Overall, the run felt great, although I was VERY disappointed by David Sedaris' "Holidays on Ice." It was by far the worst book of his that I have ever read -- actually, listened is more accurate. Boo.)
It's no secret that I'm a nut about making music mixes (I still have lots of mixed cassette tapes from junior high and high school, holla!). My most embarrassing mixes are the ones I make for races and working out. They're 90% teenybopper music and 10% music that I would actually listen to outside the confines of headphones (where no one will hear my secret shame!). That being said, I received a request for some good workout songs, so I'm including my current short run mix. I change it up every couple of months. Here's what I'm listening to on my iPod shuffle for my runs that are 8 miles or less at the moment (just in case you want some suggestions):

"Idioteque" (Radiohead), "Frug" (Rilo Kiley), "Bulletproof" (La Roux), "50 Yard Dash" (Raphael Saadiq), "Heads Will Roll" (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), "Maneater" (Nelly Furtado), "Get off the Fucking Flowers" (Blakrok and Raekwon), "Telephone" (Lady Gaga and Beyonce), "Good Girls Go Bad" (Cobra Starship),"Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon), "Battlefield" (Jordin Sparks), "Morning After Dark" (Timbaland and Nelly Furtado), "You Belong With Me" (Taylor Swift), "I'm Good I'm Gone" (Lykke Li), "Misery Business" (Paramore), "Run This Town" (Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West), "Celebration" (Madonna), "The Fixer" (Pearl Jam), "Fly on the Wall" (Miley Cyrus), "Shut Up and Let Me Go" (Ting Ting Tings), "American Idiot" (Green Day), "New York Girls" (Morningwood), "I'm the Boy" (Serge Gainsbourg), "Dirty Little Secret" (All-American Rejects)

Nick and I also saw David Duchovny while on our long run today. Not a very good celeb sighting, but I did still have to fight the urge to run back and ask him if he could really be serious about his problem -- not cool, Agent Mulder. Not cool at all.

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