Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 am internet shopping is dangerous . . . .

Yep, I am totally getting this Phillip Lim dress for the holidays. It is exactly what I'm digging right now: Sequined, frilly, yet stylable into something that's a little bit rock 'n roll. A refreshing take on the ubiquitous one-shouldered dress. Gonna wear it with my platform ankle motorcycle boots from Zara (platform + motorcycle = contradiction?) and my favorite cropped leather jacket. Loves it.


Anonymous said...

Are you coming home for the holidays? If so, would love to have a cuppa! And yes, cool dress!

1NYgirl said...

That dress is gorge!
PS. I'm definitely picking up a bottle of the electrolyte pills that you suggested. I'm off to the podiatrist tomorrow because my cuboid has decided that now is the best time to start acting up. Sigh.

You should bring the dress to disney for a post marathon celebratory dinner :)