Wednesday, December 9, 2009

3 am internet shopping is dangerous (part two) . . . .

I know that this isn't news for folks who follow fashion -- but man, in the past year or so, has J. Crew stepped it up or what? I used to shop there in high school and my first couple years of college, but quickly grew sick of the prices I would pay for such boring and ill-fitting clothes. But now? I really love their stuff. I work in a professional environment and am expected to adhere to a particular NY office woman look, which normally is the kiss of death for me. J. Crew has some really fun pieces to add to my basics so that I don't feel like I have to completely put aside my personal style in order to adhere to the office code (another store that fits the bill is Ann Taylor -- I swear!). Luckily, my firm is pretty laid-back about clothing, as far as law firms go. Case in point: Last month I got away with wearing a pink dress with an SATC opening credits-worthy tulle and lace skirt section + a black cropped Alexander McQueen for Target blazer and some tights. Not the type of outfit I'd wear for a client meeting or court, but at least I feel like I have the freedom to wear some fun pieces on normal workdays.

I had another 3 am internet shopping therapy session tonight. Here's what my efforts resulted in:

I debated this coat earlier in the season -- I hate buying black winter coats. Too practical. But after rocking my Phillip Lim (in green) from last year + other difficult-to-match hued coats a few too many times, I bit the bullet and started hunting for a black coat. And after they marked this girl down, I was sold! [Note to shoppers: the coat runs big -- at the store, I had to drop down to a size 0 petite, when I normally prefer a solid 2/4 so that there's room for a suit jacket or a sweater, so take that for what it is]
Did you know that it's next to impossible to find black denim? Yeah, I didn't know either. Seemed simple enough -- I wanted an easy pair of non-blue jeans to wear on the weekends so that I could finally end my lazy pattern of throwing on leggings, a tank and oversized cardigan (I've been fighting the leggings disease for years now . . . they're just so comfy . . . .). After finding these guys, I hopefully will begin a new lazy pattern of throwing on jeans, a tank and an oversized cardigan. Yeah, I know --I'm living on the edge. In terms of sizing, J. Crew denim usually runs true-to-size (unlike that Gap nonsense -- seriously, the vanity sizing thing needs to stop!). Hopefully this pair will fit like I think they should.

Fun thigh high socks for the weekend -- I got a pair in grey.
New top to throw with a suit for work. Steeply discounted to only $19.99!Making me wear a pair of chinos is normally akin to forcing a vampire to go sunbathing. The above picture is a testament to Jenna Lyons' styling ability. Seems simple enough -- roll some pant legs and throw on a metallic belt -- but those little steps made pants I would normally hate quite palatable to me (although let's not even discuss those awful shoes). Plus, they were only $20. : )

Bottom line is that I've added J. Crew to my list of go-to shops, especially for work gear. I should have known this was inevitable after they added Erin Wasson to their line-up of adorable (yet still interesting-looking) models. I'm a sucker for anything that might be a throw-back to grunge or a "nod to the crisp Seattle weather." ; )

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