Saturday, March 14, 2009

2009 new york marathon, here i come!

It's official! My entry to the 2009 New York Marathon was accepted today. As most of you know, one of my big goals is to run a marathon before I turn 30. Since this year marks my last opportunity before turning 30 in 2010, I figured it was finally time to commit to the big race. : )

The race isn't until November 1, 2009, but I'm already feeling a bit anxious and excited. The longest race I've done is the Disneyworld Half-Marathon last January with Nick. I won't start my official training until 18 weeks prior to the race, but already know that I'm in for a load of hard work. In the meantime, Nick and I are committed to running 3 - 4 NY Road Runner races per month from now until the big race (ranging from 5Ks to 10Ks+). I also will run the More Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) on April 26, and I'm pretty deep in that training schedule right now (8 mile long runs right now).

I may post blog entries here and there to update you on my training progress --- although the main purpose would be to keep myself accountable for sticking to a strict training schedule. Although I've really grown to enjoy running, it can be a battle to stick to a regimented schedule sometimes!

By the way, for my friends who are considering a visit to NYC in the fall . . . might I suggest the beginning of November? I'd love to have some fans cheering me on! : )


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Jen said...

omg good for you!!!!!

PDP said...

hey stranger! been awhile since we've shared a conversation. good to see that you are keeping a blog for us fans to follow your progress. i'm doing well, and again in cambodia. but after may's graduation in hawaii, ill be around your neck of the woods. hopefully, we can reconnect in person and fill in the gaps after our years at udub. best, phatry
info at phatryderekpan dot com

Anonymous said...

You are totally nuts! But I'm rooting for ya anyways! ;-P

Jess said...

Good for you!! Kim, Becky and I are running a half marathon in Vancouver in October. Eek!

danica said...

Thanks for the support guys!

Jess: Yay! Happy to hear that you and the other ladies are planning on doing a halfie. Since I only started running around Oct. 2007, I have lots of suggestions for resources to get started if you're interested (seriously, when I first started, it was difficult to run 2 miles!)! It may seem daunting now, but you will rock the halfie's 13.1 miles!!

PDP: Great to hear from you! You'll find that my blog focuses on pretty surface-y subjects to help me keep in touch with friends and family --- I'll need to touch base with you via e-mail to find out what you're up to!

lajournalista: Yep, I'm totally nuts! I realized that last week when I was running in the middle of a rainstorm along the East River! : ) For some reason, I'm still loving it though!