Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more music: kings of leon, kasey anderson.

Just a quick post I meant to do awhile ago, but never had enough time. I saw a FANTASTIC concert in late January at Madison Square Garden: Kings of Leon. I was apprehensive about seeing them at MSG, since they've never performed at such a large venue in NYC --- they defied my doubts and simply rocked the sold-out venue.
Here's the set-list. A good mix of their older and new stuff:
My Party
Molly's Chambers
Four Kicks
Wasted Time
Sex on Fire
Slow Light So Long
The Bucket
Black Thumbnail
On Call
Use Somebody
Cold Desert

Knocked Up
Charmer I've been an off-and-on listener of KoL for the past few years and really liked only a handful of their songs, but their most recent album ("Only by the Night") is nothing short of amazing. They just pulled together such a sharp, classic rock album. I love it from start to finish. This album, unlike earlier ones, is just much more pulled-together with great hooks. I can't help it: I like a good melody and the latest KoL album is full of 'em.

While I'm on the music front, I'd be amiss to fail to mention Kasey Anderson. He's a friend of mine, and also a very talented musician. He was in town last week to finish up his latest album, "Nowhere Nights" (to be released in the Spring -- don't worry, I'll remind you to buy it when spring rolls around!). Nick and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kasey and his dad at the ever-so-delicious Corner Bistro (the Bistro Burger is supposed to be great, and I love the McSorley's ale), and also caught Kasey performing at Googie's Lounge (above the Living Room, in the LES).
Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do so well with super-dark rooms! : )

For those of you haven't checked out Kasey's music yet, please do. When you visit his website, you can sample some of his stuff for free. You can also purchase his albums through his website, iTunes, etc., etc. I recommend 'em all, but if you're gonna start with just one, I'd go with "Dead Roses." It's my favorite.


Jess said...

I love love love KoL... their newest album is so great! I'm so glad you got to see them. I hate big venues so I'll probably never see them live. :)

danica said...

jess, hopefully they'll play somewhere smaller when they visit the west coast. it is TOTALLY worth it. trust, girl! : )